环境、社会 & 治理


Natus Medical Incorporated’s environmental, 社会, 和治理(环境、社会和治理)政策为利益相关者和员工提供了一个指南,说明是什么驱动Natus Medical Incorporated在世界各地的业务和关系的行为.

We recognize Natus has a responsibility to make positive economic, 社会, and environmental impacts while advancing and complementing our business strategy.

We expect to continue to evolve our 环境、社会和治理 strategy in the future as our impact work matures.


环境、社会 & 公司治理(环境、社会和治理)

bet8九州登录入口对环境、社会、 & 公司治理(环境、社会和治理)实践

Natus is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in adherence to the highest ethical, 专业, 和法律标准. bet8九州登录入口以当地法律法规为指导,并通过内部政策进行管理,在bet8九州登录入口的业务活动中实行严格和高标准的行为准则. 这些标准指导bet8九州登录入口的员工和合作伙伴决定正确的行动,以确保在bet8九州登录入口的日常工作生活中实现这些高标准.

环境、社会和治理政策 & 语句

The topics listed below represent a broad range of environmental, 社会 and governance (环境、社会和治理) issues that are important to Natus Medical Incorporated.



Natus requires its employees to act with the utmost integrity in all aspects of how it operates. Our Code of Conduct guides employees on expectations for behavior from a foundational level. Other more specific internal policies raise awareness of certain regulations to aid in guiding our employees to act appropriately.  

例如,作为一个美国.S.美国母公司的上市跨国公司, it is important that all applicable employees, Natus子公司的员工, 和它的代理, 代表, 和顾问, 是否知道美国.S. laws prohibiting corruption of public officials. 除了美国以外.S., laws known as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), 一些全球组织已通过国际公约,增加对腐败行为的惩罚和罚款(广义的). Companies and employees must be mindful that violations of the FCPA can trigger other forms of liability as well, including criminal and individual penalties. 越来越多地, matters that start as FCPA enforcement actions end up generating charges under related criminal laws and regulations, 比如洗钱, 邮件和电信诈骗.





Natus制定了多项业务连续性管理计划,使bet8九州登录入口能够以深思熟虑和有组织的方式立即作出反应. This helps us to ensure that a variety of situations including IT system interruptions, natural disasters and site incidents do not cause a material amount of downtime. 例如, bet8九州登录入口计划帮助减轻影响,并使关键生产和客户服务快速恢复,这对bet8九州登录入口的业务至关重要. We conduct regular 测试 and analysis of the plans to ensure they are properly maintained.  


作为bet8九州登录入口公司使命的一部分,bet8九州登录入口致力于为所有年龄段的患者提供创新的医疗解决方案,专注于中枢神经和感觉系统疾病的诊断和治疗, Natus Medical Incorporated is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. 本行为准则, 或简称, summarizes Natus' compliance and ethical policies for all employees including our principal executive officer, 首席财务官, 以及首席会计官.


Read the Code of Ethics for Financial Officers


作为医疗器械解决方案的领先供应商,专注于对所有年龄段的患者的中枢神经和感觉系统的诊断和治疗, Natus recognizes the importance of efforts to positively impact society. bet8九州登录入口努力通过各种企业社会责任(CSR)的努力,包括员工志愿服务,来支持更广泛的社区, 慈善捐款, bet8九州登录入口研究基金, and improving our communities through responsible and meaningful actions that align with our core values and corporate strategy.


为了遵守所有适用的证券交易委员会规则(“冲突矿物规则”),Natus Medical Incorporated(“Natus”)采纳了本冲突矿物政策(“政策”)。. 《bet8网页登录》的目的是减少在刚果民主共和国东部实施侵犯人权行为的武装组织的资金。, by encouraging responsible sourcing from the DRC and its surrounding countries through greater transparency.  

根据《bet8网页登录》(Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act)第1502条,有关冲突矿物的使用(第13p-1条),请参阅bet8九州登录入口的投资者网站,查看最近提交给SEC的SD表格。.




As noted in our annual Form 10-K as filed with the U.S. 美国证券交易委员会, Natus is committed to the secure electronic transmission, storage and hosting of sensitive information, including personally identifiable information (“PII”), 个人健康信息, 财务信息, intellectual property and other sensitive information related to our 客户 and workforce. 



Natus is committed to encouraging a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We regularly assess and drive continuous improvement in DEI of our people ecosystem - employees, 合作伙伴, 和董事会(BOD). bet8九州登录入口的招聘工作证明了这一承诺,通过推广计划,招聘和促进就业机会到广泛的组织和数百个就业公告板,旨在发展一个多样化的合格候选人池. We recognize that a culture of inclusion makes us stronger. 提供适当的论坛,让全球的员工可以分享想法和反馈,是bet8九州登录入口多元化和包容努力的重要组成部分, 使用员工圆桌会议, 调查和文化委员会.  

Please see our most recent Proxy Statement as filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Schedule 14A for DEI details on our BOD.




Natus继续寻找支持个人和专业成长的方法,并提供帮助实现这一目标的人员和工具. While on the job experiences remain the number one way to grow and develop, Natus provides internal training to employees globally and assigned based on role through our systematic learning platform. 除了, Natus provides extensive training resources to employees including an on-demand e-learning system with over 4,000 courses to support skill building in a wide variety of areas from technical/functional ability to management/leadership capability.

阅读更多- 10K (SEC备案)


环境、健康 & 安全

Natus致力于通过积极主动的工作,以避免意外损失,包括员工和实物资产,来维护bet8九州登录入口资源的正确管理. 为了履行这一承诺, we strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, and comply with laws relating to safe working conditions, 生产实践, 环境保护, 生物危害, 火灾控制, 以及有害物质的处理. 例如, bet8九州登录入口的生产基地是根据国际标准化组织(ISO)提供的相关标准进行认证的。. bet8九州登录入口也有专门的工作人员团队在全球的每个地点,从健康和安全的角度为当地提供支持,以帮助确保bet8九州登录入口的员工和业务伙伴在现场的安全.  

阅读更多- 10K (SEC备案)



Natus对质量的承诺是bet8九州登录入口业务战略的核心,bet8九州登录入口提供医疗设备解决方案,专注于诊断和治疗中枢神经和感觉系统疾病,为所有年龄的患者. bet8九州登录入口的每个生产基地都保持独立的质量管理体系,以确保严格遵守规定,包括适当的监督,以确保持续的评估和改进.

bet8九州登录入口的制造, 服务, and repair facilities are subject to periodic inspection by local and foreign regulatory authorities. Our quality assurance system is subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and other government agencies. We are required to conduct our product design, 测试, 制造业, 并按照FDA质量体系法规控制活动,并以规定的方式维护bet8九州登录入口对这些活动的文件. 除了, our production facilities have received International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) certification. 







Natus医疗公司致力于以道德负责的方式遵守法律法规开展业务.  Our standards for behavior are far-reaching and include but are not limited to internal and external parties such as our employees, 客户, 供应商, 和投资者.  We have a zero tolerance policy for any behavior that may constitute a breach of law or trust or infringe upon liberty. 

The policies that guide our behaviors as we operate encourage our workplace to be free from discrimination or harassment of any kind.  This is also reinforced through training and communications. Natus has an open and robust support system for employees to address any issues, 问题或抱怨. bet8九州登录入口提供管理升级路径, 人力资源支持系统和保密道德热线,由公司合规官和董事会监督. 

We provide a reporting hotline through NAVEX EthicsPoint (valid in the U.S. and Canada only) - Phone: (844) 319-1609 - Web: natus.ethicspoint.com